I Spit on Your Grave

I Spit on your graveI Spit on Your Grave (1978)
Actress raped: Camille Keaton

This poor 70s movie gained notoriety for not one, not two, but three graphic rape scenes as poor Camille Keaton is repeatedly assaulted by a bunch of local rednecks on vacation.

The clip below is the first of the attacks as she’s chased through the woods in her bikini by the horny scumbags. They toy with her for a while before stripping her naked and pinning her to the ground so their slow friend can lose his virginity. He doesn’t want to though, so the leader of the gang steps up and fucks Camille as she shouts “No!”

They let her wander off in a daze after the rape, but soon track her down and her ordeal continues.

In 2010 this film was remade with Sarah Butler playing the abused victim. It is a much more polished movie, although still as exploitative as the original.

The Accused

The AccusedThe Accused (1988)
Actress raped: Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster won an Oscar for her portrayal of a flirtatious young woman who lands herself in trouble in a bar one evening.

Leading one of the regulars on by letting him kiss her, things soon start to get out of hand when he doesn’t want to stop at first base and before she knows what’s happening he hoists her onto a pinball table and starts tearing at her clothes and groping her bare breasts.

Panicking, Jodie tries to get him to stop but cheered on by his drunk friends he rapes her right there in the bar. His place is taken by a number of other guys as she’s gang raped before managing to free herself and run away half nude.

Straw Dogs

Straw DogsStraw Dogs (1971)
Actress raped: Susan George

Sam Peckinpah’s infamous thriller is dated now and was therefore remade in 2011 with Kate Bosworth taking on the role made famous by English beauty Susan George. The contemporary version still contains the controversial rape scene but without any nudity from Kate.

I say controversial because Susan didn’t seem to know whether she wanted to have sex or not. While her husband (Dustin Hoffman) was away, Susan’s ex came calling and forced himself on her. She said no repeatedly, but then seemed to kiss him back and even embraced him after he’d torn her clothes off and fucked her on the couch. This ambiguity hardly helped the ‘No means no’ situation regarding real life rape and the movie was banned for a number of years because of this.

What happens after the rape is certainly not ambiguous though, as her ex’s friend enters the room seemingly out of nowhere and decides he’d like to have sex with Susan too…


IrreversibleIrreversible (2002)
Actress raped: Monica Bellucci

Sexy Monica Bellucci is walking home alone one night from a party after a row with her boyfriend. She foolishly decides to take a short cut through a notoriously dangerous area of Paris and is confronted by a nasty pimp in an underpass.

Unable to believe his luck that such a hot woman is all alone, he draws a knife and forces her to the ground. She realises the trouble she’s in and tries to escape but he pins her to the floor and brutally rapes her, groping her breast and clamping his hand over her mouth in this controversial and lengthy scene which is quite graphic.

Rape pictures from Hollywood films

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Hollywood rape

A woman with big breasts is stripped and raped in Amazons (1986)

Blackmail rape scene

A woman is blackmailed into sex by an older man in Angry Harvest (1985)

Movie rape scene

A woman is raped by Roman soldiers in gladiatorial drama The Arena (2001)